Chinas future is just settled

When we talk about China in the “old” western situated countries, we have a great respect.

This is due in respect of economic power that China has built up in the recent decades.

Its believeable that China’s economic system is like a dragon, his hunger was slown down lot of  time, because he was hampered by the communist regime in it.

der chinesische Drache

The dragon, a symbol of power, strength and divine protection, a symbol for the emperor to the east, the rain, the power of procreation, the male (yang), one of the four wonders animals, 5th Animal in the Chinese zodiac, was imprisoned in a cage a long time.

Now he is exempt for several years and shows his power and superiority over the rest of the world.

Meanings of chinese animal Symbols

normal Animals

the Bat (binfú) – Luckyness
the Eagle (Ying) – Strength
the Bear (Xiong) – bravery,strength,birth of a son
the Beef (NIU) – Spring,farm labor
the Butterfly (Hudi) – Infatuation
the Carp (l) – financial success,passing the examination
the Cock (Gongji) – Exorcism,pride,fame,civil servant
the Crane (HE) – Long life,old age,wisdom
the Deer (lu) – wealth,longevity
the Dog (gu) – West,Fall,wealth,exorcism
the Donkey (l) – stupidity,simplicity
the Dove (GE) – loyalty,longevity
the Duck (ya) – Homosexuality,Penis
the Dragon (long) – power,strength and divine protection
the Elephant(Xiang)- wisdom,strength,gratitude,modesty
the Elster (qué) – joy,happiness marriage
the Firefly (Ying) – beauty,perseverance,passed exam
the Fish (Koi) – richness
the Fish (yu) – abundance,wealth,prosperity,Penis
the Fox (hu) – cunning,sensuality,seduction,sexual
the Goose (é) – marital bliss
the Heron (lu) – right way
the Horse (m) – weak symbolism,sometimes
the Kingfisher (Feicui) – Women’s Beauty
the Leopard (Panther) (bao) – cruelty
the Lion (shi) – protection, for Government and officials
the Monkey (HOU) – temperament,lack of discipline
the Oriole (Ying) – joy,friendship,music,joy girl
the Owl (Xiao) – disaster
the Parrot (Ying) – Girl,prostitutes
the Peacock (kngquè) – dignity,beauty
the Pheasant (Yeji) – accident
the Phoenix (Fenghuang ) – feminin, sexual symbol
the Pig (zhu ) – virility
the Quail (nchún) – courage
the Rabbit (tu) – various sexual disorders
the Rat (mouse) (sh) – wealth,greed,demonic
the Raven (wy) – disaster,death
the Sheep (yang) – Filial piet
the Swallow (yan) – spring,success,happiness,children
the Tiger (h) – courage,bravery,west,autumn,exorcism
the Turtle (GUI) – longlife,durability,immutability
the Unicorn (Qilin ) – lucky,blessed with children
the Wolf (long) – cruelty,gluttony,greed

poisonous Animals:

the Millipedes (Wugong) – poison animal
the Scorpio (xie) – poison animal
the Spider (zhzh) – good luck
the Snake (shé) – cunning,malice,deceit
the Toad (frog) (Hama) – Long life,invulnerability

Chinese Compass satellite navigation system in Orbit

According to the officials, the Chinese Compass satellite navigation system has officially started its test operation at the end of december 2011.

This system aims to reduce its dependence on the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS).

The Beidou-2 named carrying system is currently still in testing. There will be both Chinese and foreign companies working with this system.

In April 2007, China launched the first satellites belonging to the fleet.

As part of continued expansion the chinese seek the end of 2012 the opportunity to receive the Compass system in many parts of Asia and the Pacific.

In total there will be 35 satellites at the end of the year 2020 China expect to have all systems running well and the global usage shoul de possible.

China is also involved in the European navigation system Galileo.

But China uses frequencies which overlap some signals from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.